The words of the CEO

The words of the CEO

As a Tip-topmost Company

Through continuous efforts and determined efforts as the leader in the field of industrial material and machinery, we will develop into a tip-topmost company that surpasses other leading companies in Korea.

HANSCO Co., Ltd., as a result of striving for the development of technology by focusing on major advances and trends in the field of machining, has become the leader of the material and machinery industry since the company was established in 1976.

Due to its continuous efforts, Roll Chock, which is a cylinder cover of marine engines, and Metal bearing, a product of steel manufacturing facilities, were nominated as world-class goods.

In addition, we plan on investing in radical new facilities in accordance with the global new material market and to advance into the high-tech material industry, using vacuum casting; we are also seeking to advance into solid state power equipment, national defense, space aviation, and automobiles, and will beging the production of Nickel Alloy and Titanium Alloys, which are special alloys in many developing field that until now had to be imported. By doing so, we will strive to push ahead with the localization and development of new materials.

We, all workers of HANSCO Co., Ltd., would like to truly thank our customers for their unwavering support and would like to promise you all that we will develop into a competitive global company through continuous technology development and quality management.

Thank you!